crispy oat heart cereal

crispy oat heart cereal

For your heart. Every Day.

Original Swedish Formula

  • lowers cholesterol with 10% after only 8 weeks 
  • reduces the blood sugar rise after every meal 
  • proven effect
  • natural and without side effects
  • better bowel function 
  • a tasty & healthy breakfast with only 73 kcal, 25% fibre and 20% protein

This is how thousands of Brits across the country are lowering their cholesterol naturally and without side effects - give it a try! 

A daily portion of Betavivo crispy oat heart cereal is scientifically proven to lower cholesterol. The unique process and patented formula of Betavivo gives a high concentration of cholesterol-lowering beta-glucan. In order to have the same effect on cholesterol, you would have to eat at least three big bowls of porridge. The beta-glucan in Betavivo also contributes to reducing the rise in blood sugar after the meal. 

Now also available as value pack. Same product, new design.

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