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Hello dear Betavivo users,

We are currently looking for happy Betavivo ambassadors all over the UK. Would you like to share your Betavivo story with others who may have the same problem that you have / had? Fill in the form below and we will contact you if we choose to go on with your story. All those selected will receive three months of free consumption of Betavivo oats hearts directly sent home to the mailbox.

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, I would also be interested to expand cooperation with Beta Vivo in the form of other communications, so as to participate in the video, or the like on Betavivos website. It's ok to hear from you to me with more information about what this might involve, including compensation, but that I commit myself to anything.

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You involved the chance to see and approve the material before it is used in market for the first time. Trimb Healthcare AB also guarantees that information and materials submitted will never be distributed to other parties but only used in contexts directly related to the Betavivo oats hearts. If you have questions or thoughts, please send them to