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Statins and natural alternatives

Statins and natural alternatives

There are different ways of lowering cholesterol, where one of the most prescribed medications is statins. There are also natural alternatives that has a proven effect to lower cholesterol.


Statins is a group of medication that lowers the bad LDL cholesterol by reducing the production of it in the liver. High cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular diseases and need to be lowered to healthy levels.  Statins is taken daily and usually for the whole life as discontinuing the treatment will raise the cholesterol again.

  • Side effects of statins

Many people who take statins experience no or very few side effects. Others experience some troublesome – but usually minor – side effects, such as an upset stomach, headaches or feeling sick (NHS UK). Another common side effect is muscle or joint pain. However, the benefit of treating high cholesterol is avoiding cardiovascular diseases with severe complications.

Natural ways to lower cholesterol

There are two natural ingredients that has been approved by the European Food Society Association  (EFSA) to actively lower cholesterol in the blood, these are beta-glucans and plant sterols/stanols.

  • Beta-glucans from oats

Beta-glucan from oats is proven to lower cholesterol. How ever, in order for it to work, you need to consume 3g of beta-glucan every day. In order to get this amount from regular oat products, you would have to eat at least 3 big servings of porridge every day. This is why you are better of with a product specially produced for lowering cholesterol, where the amount and quality of beta-glucan is secured in order to get optimal cholesterol-lowering effect. Betavivo is a product that naturally lowers cholesterol, without side-effects. The gel formed by beta-glucans ties up gallic acids which are then carried out of the body the natural way. When the liver produces new gallic acid it uses cholesterol from the blood system. As a consequence, LDL and total cholesterol levels are lowered by 10-15%, while HDL remains unaffected.

Read more about Betavivo crispy oat heart cereals and how it helps lower cholesterol here.

  • Plant sterols/stanols

Plant sterols occur naturally in small amounts in plant based foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It is well documented that they in larger quantities lower cholesterol. The plant sterols prevent cholesterol from being reabsorbed in to the blood stream with the result of less LDL and total cholesterol in the blood.